Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Understand theory and applications of 3D

What are 3D models used for?

  1. 3D Models In Games: 3D models are used in almost everything that we use for example you could a 3D model for a game that you have been working on for a while and you want to try something new so you try and make your own 3D model with moving animation and life like skin you then try and give him commands to make him move around, trying to pick stuff up, interact with other 3D models.
  2. 3D Models In Animation: 3D models are also used in Animation such as movies like Flushed away where they used 3D models to make all the Rats, Toads, Slugs and Boats. They have used 3D modelling in Snoopy and Charlie Brown: The Peanuts Movie, The Croods,  The Lego Movie, The Adventures Of TinTin, Wreck It Ralph and Big Hero Six, They use 3D modelling in all these movies.
  3. 3D Architectural Walk-Through: 3D design has been used in Architectural Walk-Through which is a progress that lets house plans, hotel plans, skyscraper plans, boat plans, car plans, air plane plans and motorbike plans come into a 3D aspect that shows you more detail in the 3D form then the 2D, in the 3D aspect you can see the design from different points of view allowing to get as much information from the plan as possible
  4. 3D Web: There is a website that allows you to create 3D models, earth, moon, sea, spaceships even the whole solar system if you wanted too, you could even make a black hole with a super nova going off in the back round with asteroids coming towards you or the planet to show what would happen to it if the asteroid collided with the earth or the moon, you could also use the 3D model of the earth to show people where they live or show the weather in a certain place of the world, or better yet you could make a full 3D replica of the solar system with all the details such as asteroids, comets, black holes, super novas and even all the stars too.
Displaying 3D polygon Animation

Application Programming Interface: API is a  set of functions and rules  that a computer uses to communicate with each other to do a certain job, just like how a player communicates to a game or an NPC by pressing a certain button to do a particular action. an example is twitter, API is used in twitter to receive an updates on your tweets.

Most PCs provide API so that the programmers can write applications and that it is good since this makes it easier for users to learn new programs with a similar interface.

Direct3D: Direct 3D is only available on windows 95 and up, Direct 3D renders 3D graphics especially in gaming as it uses the graphics card. It all started in 1992 with servan keondjian who started a company called renderMorphics and they developed a 3D graphics application programming interface (API for short), it was used in medical imaging and CAD (computer aided design) software. Two version of this API were released. And in February 1995 Microsoft bought RenderMorphics. When Direct3D was used to render they used a thing called a buffer to render 3D geometry but the progress was awkward and had complex stages that you had to do manually and so Open GL was made to make it simpler.

Rendering: Rendering is a way to display many 3D objects, lighting and textures together, to create an image or animation from the data sent by the 3D modelling program. There are 4 types of renders:

  1. Rasterize
  2. Raycasting
  3. Raytracing
  4. Radiosity

Geometric Theory: in game development using geometric theory is a way to model out objects and characters within the game, doing this is through a design process using the initial mesh which gives the basic shape of the object later so you can build it later with different textures, the way you make this mesh is through the process of combined polygons, polygons are two dimensional shapes that have 3 key features which are edge, face and vertices, when a polygon is created two vertices are put together by a line which makes the first edge, when another vertice is added two more line edges are made, that is the simplest way to create a triangle, this is also the simplest version of a polygon that is made, this can be modified to create something called a quad which is by adding another vertice, you can keep adding more and more to make shapes like hexagons and decagons.

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